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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)


Product Types & Scenarios

  • Recruitment Delivery

    Product A: End- to end project support
    Product B: Offshore massive recruitment

  • Recruitment Reinforcement

    Product C:Project on-site support
    Product D:Flexible consultant leasing

  • Recruitment Appreciation

    Product E:Target talent mapping
    Product F:Talent market research

  • Recruitment Empowerment

    Product G:Recruitment process Consultation
    Product H:Recruitment resource buildup

  • A&B

    Long-term stock、Wide distribution
    Stage volume、Position similarity

  • C&D

    Daily management 、Whole-process tracking
    Demand surge、Manpower shortage

  • E&F

    New area、Innovative business
    Core position、Overcome difficulties

  • G&H

    Efficiency breakthrough、Resource linkage
    Process iteration、Establishing ecology

Typical Cooperation Process

  • Client- Demand Confirmation

    Confirm the service content and delivery in cooperation with X-GIANTS and confirm the core service requirements

  • RPO Team- Project Preparation

    Conduct demand confirmation and task decomposition. organize resources on X-GIANTS platform, and establish a project team and allocate tasks

  • Client- Solution Feedback

    Confirm the feasibility of project plan submitted by X-GIANTS and give feedback

  • RPO Team- Implement

    Arrange the team to carry out the relevant work according to the service process agreed with the client

  • RPO Team- Tracking and Feedback

    Maintain real-time communication with clients during project delivery, and constantly monitor project quality

  • RPO Team- Adjustment and Improvement

    Adjust service strategy and team responsibilities according to project progress and client need update

  • RPO Team- Analysis and Optimization

    Summarize and analyze project status, and make suggestions to optimize the next project

  • Client- Evaluation and Feedback

    Conduct evaluation and give feedback to X-GIANTS' work, and give expectations for the next phase of cooperation