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Personnel Legal Consultation

  • One
    Labor Law Consultation

    All-Year Legal Expert Telephone Consultation + Written or E-mail Reply
    Internal Training Courses

  • Two
    Revision of Labor Regulations

    Revise the Employee Handbook or the Compensation System
    Revise the Labor Contract
    Modify Corporate Documents
    Modify Rules and Regulations

  • Three
    Labor Case Agent

    Non-Litigation Door-to-Door Business
    Non-Litigation Document Business
    Agent Application for Comprehensive Man-Hour Working System and Irregular Working Hour System

Professional Advantages and Characteristics of X-GIANTS Legal Counseling

X-GIANTS Legal Counseling
  • Focus on labor law and daily business related law of enterprises
  • Pay attention to the prevention of corporate legal affairs and provide support for enterprises from the system/contract/legal documents
  • Combine services to save costs
  • Seasoned legal team to ensure the timely service
  • Communicate and negotiate with the labor administration department/employees on behalf of customers
  • National linkage, wide coverage
legal Advisory of Law Firms
  • Service integrated, not concentrated
  • Litigation focused and prevention neglected for incident consultation
  • Time-based charge with high cost
  • Individual lawyers have limited time and energy
  • Focus on litigation while make light of labor security communication
  • Regional restrictions